Be Skinny Launches in U.S. – Try This New Appetite Suppressant

As swimsuit season approaches, I am on the lookout for ways to curb my ever-present appetite. I was intrigued by a new product Be Skinny which contains material saffron extract, an ingredient that Dr. Oz calls a “miracle appetite suppressant.”


I received a complimentary pack of two bottles of Be Skinny for the purpose of a review and I was curious to see if it really works — and how it would taste. The bottle is 2 ounces and has a fat-free pineapple cranberry flavor.

A bit about satiereal saffron: it is a 100% natural appetite suppressant. Rather than speed up your metabolism (and give you the jitters like so many other diet products), By Skinny addresses the psychology of snacking and has been clinically proven to decrease food intake in 100% of the subjects tested. It enhances the body’s release of the mood-enhancing chemical, serotonin. Studies also showed a 55% decrease in snacking and 80% of the trial subjects losing weight with the use of up to 176ml of saffron extract daily.

Before trying Be Skinny, I read the directions which stated to take one to two bottles a day at 45 minutes to one hour before meals. I decided to try to Be Skinny in the afternoon when I am most prone to snacking. I gave the bottle a good shake and drank it slowly to see how it tastes. The pineapple-cranberry flavor was tangy and yummy.  Sure enough, it worked! My cravings were dramatically diminished and I didn’t obsess about carb-filled snacks like I usually do.

Be Skinny saffron extract is available at Walgreen’s and other discount drug stores as well as the Be Skinny Juice website.