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As a mommy of two darling girls, I love to spoil them with treats, but the family member that is most spoiled is our furry boy, Maximus, our big standard poodle. We are always on the lookout for products that will keep him happy and healthy and that’s where VetIQ comes in.

VetIQ has a great selection of quality medication and supplements for your pets at prices that you afford. We were sent a sample of VetIQ Minties, a mint-flavored dental bone that will help with bad breath, reduce plaque and tartar and help clean teeth. And, in our case, the Mintie bones kept Max occupied all afternoon as he enjoyed chewing and chewing. I didn’t tell him that it was good for him! VetIQ offers other great treats for your four-legged friends: Hip and Joint Chews, Vitamin Chews, Skin, and Coat Chews; Pill Treats, and Breath Chews.

VetIQ also sent Max a sample of VetGuardPlus for Dogs, a vet-recommended flea and tick protection formula. We have tried the other flea protection products and were anxious to put this product to the test. We carefully followed the directions and applied the VetGuard Plus and are very pleased with the results. The triple-action formula kills adult fleas and ticks and kills lice and mites for up to four weeks. It also kills flea eggs and larvae for up to four months.

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a flea problem knows just how persistent these little predators can be and how unhappy it makes your pet. We liked the prices available for flea protection products on VetIQ. If you have a cat, check out VetGuardPlus for Cats.

If your dog requires prescription medication, check out the medications on VetIQ for treating heartworm and inflammation.
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